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We are Fred Kemp and Inge McCulloch and we live with our animals in rural Eerbeek, part of the Veluwezoom. Our interest for the Akita started around 1990. We have visited a couple of Clubmatches and when we were totally sure that our dog together would be an Akita, we contacted the NVAI (back then the only Dutch akita club) and told them we would like to be owned by an Akita!


At the end of 1999 our family was extended with a new member and her name was Aikan Daichi Watakushi Yumé, a female from the kennel of Astrid and Joop Ouwerkerk! At the beginning of 2003 we had a litter with Aikan after we tested her hips, knees and eyes and the results were good. We kept one male from that litter named Miutu. 


After the death of Miutu in June 2012 (his mother was still alive and needed a new friend) we searched for a worthy new male. At that time there were no Akita pups available nor planned in The Netherlands. But because we live close to the German border we looked and found through the German Akita Club, a little boy Mizo-gawa go Ayoshi and it was love at first sight. He is a real treasure, a male with a very stable and friendly character.

After his first Very Promising in baby class at the Champions Clubmatch in November 2012, he has got the titles Dutch Youth Champion, German Youth Champion VDH, Europa Jugendsieger 2012, Rheindlandsieger 2012 during the time we showed him in the Youth class! 


Our plan was to get Ayoshi a female after the death of Aikan and be more serious with the start of our kennel. But his rough style of playing wasn't appreciated by our 13 year old Aikan, so we decided to start a little earlier with the search for a female. So back to the Dutch Akita Club site and the German Akita Club site and we found a beautiful brindle female of 7 months in Germany looking for a forever home! We contacted the kennel and we were very welcome with Ayoshi! The click wasn't there but they just had a litter 4 weeks prior our visit with still one female left, looking for a home. Yes, right, a pup on your lap and you are sold. So 5 weeks later we took Hoshi of Independent Inu's home and nicknamed her Zumi. What a little jewel! From day one Zumi and Ayoshi are inseparable. The first thing Yoshi did when we came home with Zumi, he put his favorit toy in front of her, almost a human gesture of welcoming her! Also her iintroduction with the old lady Aikan went very well! 


Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Aikan in August 2012! She almost reached the age of 14 minus 2 months!

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